Green Pro Clean Training.

Over the years we have been asked on numerous occasions for advice,, help and even to take new cleaners (even experienced cleaners) under wings and teach them the practical side of the external cleaning industry.  Some are absolute beginners, others have some experience but want to expand their knowledge base and grow their company.

It’s due to the volume of requests we get that we have seen that there is a huge gap in the market for proper training when it comes to running a successful cleaning business.

Of course there are classes around the country that you could attend but they mostly only cover the practical aspects of the business and don’t include the day to day stuff such as administration, advertising, promotion etc.  We do.

What really makes us different from all the other training facilities out there is that we come to you!

Here’s what a week with us looks like.

Day 1:  All about the tools.

AM: Traditional window cleaning techniques for external and internal window cleaning. Ladder and step ladder safety and practical training including extension ladders and A-frames.

PM: Understanding WFP systems, how they work and how to maintain them. Practical use of WFP

Evening: Re-cap and review


Day 2: Down in the gutter

AM: Gutter clearing & cleaning

PM: Practical pricing, residential and commercial, on line marketing, social media and FB page set up.

Evening canvassing


Day 2: Whiter than white

AM: UPVC cleaning and restoration

PM:  Internal and external conservatory valeting

Evening: Canvassing


Day 4: All about the money

AM Round management – Cleaner Planer / George / Diary – Knowing when to decline a job

PM Submitting quotes, writing method statements and risk assessments, debt control

Evening canvassing – FB enquiry follow up and quotations.


Day 5: Gently does it

AM: Basics of soft-washing, which chemicals and when and how to use them.

PM: Understanding power washing, how to use them and when to use it.

Evening: Re-cap and review.



Benefits of the course:

  • Trained by someone that actually does it for a living, not just talks about it in a class room environment.
  • You get to work in one of our vehicles and learn for the week in a professional van using up to date equipment and the same tools we use on a day to day basis.
  • We actually come to YOU and work alongside you in your town on the same streets that you will be working on on a daily basis so we can understand your environment and tailor parts of the training specifically to you.
  • You will receive our full info pack covering everything learnt for the week as well as a USB with flyer designs, all paperwork including RAMS, invoice templates, collection templates, quotation templates and a selection of window cleaning, gutter cleaning, UPVC and conservatory cleaning images they can use or 90 days whilst establishing your business.All practical aspects of external cleaning learnt in just one week, it takes some cleaners years to learn how to do what we do as well as we do.

    Instant marketing campaign and ongoing lead generation through establishment of social media pages.

The knowledge and confidence to walk up to any job and know exactly what is required and what to charge.

The ability to start earning INSTANTLY.


Course weeks and days break down:

Some of you may already be involved in various aspects of the cleaning industry and not need to cover the entire course.  So we can tailor shorter packages to meet your needs covering just the days  you need. Email us for more details.


What qualifies us to train you?

Since starting out we have now built and sold companies in Jersey and London and are now well established in Nottingham.  We have also sold on our excess of customers earlier this year to other cleaning firms, the excess alone totals over 500 clients and our current residential round turns over just shy of £6’000 per month in revenue.

I truly believe there is no other industry in the world that can offer such vast returns for such minimal outlay so rapidly and we are offering to show you the practical way to go from nothing to the start of a working business within just one week.


Darren Green – Director, Green Pro Clean.

I started over a decade ago in the window cleaning industry when at a period in my life I was ready for a change, my debts were mounting and I was tired of dead end job working for other people and lining their pockets for absolutely no reward.

Window cleaning for me at the time was supposed to be nothing more than a way to earn some quick cash, clear my debts and have some spare cash in my pocket. How wrong was I?

What I wasn’t ready for was the sheer demand for good window cleaners (and external property cleaner in general) and within the first six months I had gone from a borrowed ladder on top of an old Volvo 240 estate to three vans and four staff working full time, all my debts cleared up and booking my first vacation in a long time.


Absolute Windows:

If I had know when stating out just how much I need to know I would have jumped at the chance to do a course like this, it would have saved me months of my time trying to learn by trial and error.

I have worked alongside Darren at Green Pro Clean after having bought rounds from him and having seen his techniques, methodology and customer management attitude I have learnt more in one week with him  than I would have done in a month by myself or watching Youtube videos.

Even now if I have a tricky customer or just need some advice on a job he is always right at the end of the phone to help.


Paul Dodsworth – Absolute Windows.


Course costs and dates:

Full week training including all materials:  £1395.00 – As usual this is for UK (England, Scotland, Wales) mainland residents only, for Ireland and islands please contact us to discuss.

Day training prices are available on request. Please email us to discuss your requirements.

Booking Dates:  We operate all year round and places are allocated on first come first served so don’t delay and book today.