Lead Generation Services Pricing Structure Update

Effective with immediate effect January 2021

Welcome to REYU Lead Generation  Service.  For those that don’t yet know us or our service REYU LEAD GENERATION is a digital lead generation service for all types of services industries.

The one major benefit of digital lead generation is that all of the client leads we send to you have come to us actively seeking a quote for window cleaning.  This is a huge difference compared to traditional canvassers where they are putting people ‘on the spot’ by knocking on doors.

We provide you with their name, address and contact telephone number and then it is over to you to contact the client.  The client will already be expecting your call. Once you make contact simply arrange to visit, put in your quote and close the deal.

Typical closing rates are around 70% of quotes for all digital leads, 10% will be time wasters and tyre kickers, 10% will simply never answer the phone (strange but true) and the last 10% will be the type of customer you simply don’t want on your books and you’ll choose to walk away from.

The reason all the leads are a fixed price (depending on the package you choose) is that we never know weather we are sending you to a two-bed terraced home or a 50-bed country mansion hotel. 99.9% of all leads are for residential customers but very occasionally we will get asked to quote for commercial work and will pass this along to you just as all the other leads.

A very simple way to look at whether or not lead generation is good value is to compare it to a canvasser or the purchase of existing rounds.

If you were to close only 60% of the leads we supply at a low price of £12.50 per customer you would have a total return in month one of £150.  In short, a monthly turnover of £150 will have cost you just £50 out of pocket in month one.

If you were to purchase £150 of work from a canvasser it would have cost you £450 minimum and you would not be seeing any form of profits until at least the forth clean where as with us you are in profit worst case scenario by month 2.

If you had £300 only to spend buying well established work you would only get around £100 per month value at best. You can see the profit margins and benefits for yourself.


Package A: 
20 Leads for £300 (£15 Per Lead)

For those wanting to boost their customers steadily but surely you can buy a block of 20 leads a time as and when you want them.  No contract, no strings.

Package B:
50 Leads for £625 (£12.50 Per Lead)

For those looking to grow larger and build more quickly we provide a block of 50 leads a time again as and when you want.  No Contract, No Strings.


Q: Do you provide all the leads in one go?

A: No, we provide you with a daily update so the leads are still extra fresh as they come in, this varies typically between 3 and 8 leads per day until the order is fulfilled.

Q: Do you always complete the order?

A: Yes.  We are so confident in our system we offer a money back guarantee on all leads not supplied within 30 days max.  Example you order 20 leads at £15 per lead and we only manage to supply 17 leads within 30 days we will refund you for 3 leads at £15 each total £45.

Q: Is my area exclusive?

A: Yes, as long as we are supplying leads to you the areas you have chosen will be reserved exclusively for you.

Q: How do you choose the area?

A: Your area is usually a 15 mile radius from your home location or the location you choose to work from.

Q: What happens if the lead information is not accurate?

A: On a rare occasion a lead may have bad information, incorrect phone number for example, as long as you let us know within 48 hours we will firstly attempt to get the correct information from the client or failing this we’ll replace it with a fresh lead.

Q: What does the customer expect when I contact them?

A: The customer will be expecting a call from you directly, they are advised that (your name) will be calling to arrange a quote so they are already expecting you.

Q: What service is the customer expecting?

A: The client will have been advised that you will be quoting for the cleaning of all the windows, the window frames, the sills and the doors, top, bottom, front, back, all the way around.

Q: How do I maximize profits from the leads?

A:  Easy, charge a fair price to start with, the client already came to us looking for a window cleaner so they are happy to pay for a quality service and there is no need to attempt to ‘win’ the deal on bargain bucket pricing.   When quoting the work do not forget to ask for add on business, internal windows, gutters and soffits, conservatory roofs etc.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Simple, email us at and we’ll send you an application form over right away.