Our Lead Generation System

Q: What is lead generation?


A: Put very simply it is a system of generating leads in a digital environment through internet, social media and other various outlets.


Q: What makes lead generation better than leaflet drops / canvassed work / buying a round?


A: With generic leaflet campaigns  the response rate is less than 0.5% of the number of leaflets delivered, so if for example you drop 200 leaflets you may be lucky enough to get 1 new customer.  Canvassing yourself is the next best option after lead generation but when canvassing you are putting the customer on the spot on the door step and this can lead to early cancellations along the way.  If you are paying a canvasser the going rate is 3 x the agreed monthly clean so in reality you are working 3 months to cover the cost of paying the canvasser plus another month before you have covered the cost of visits to the property on 3 separate occasions.

Buying an established round is also a gamble as these customers are being bought in no more than ‘good faith’ and have no reason to show you loyalty other than the say so of the window cleaner you purchased from.  Established work fetches anywhere from 3 x cleans to 12 x cleans.


Where lead generation is better is the fact that the customers making the enquiry are actively already seeking a window cleaner, all you need to do is turn up, smile, quote the price and close the deal.  Simple as that.


Q: How effective is lead generation?


A: Lead generation is a system that was initially developed by Green Pro Clean Ltd to expand their client base.  Since starting to use it over a year ago it has generated over 700 clients for Green Pro clean with a closing rate at point of quote of around 80%  in short they close 8 out of every 10 quotes given to clients coming from lead generation.


Other clients from all corners of the UK including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have reported closing rates of between 70% and 80% as well.


Q: What areas can you generate leads in?


A: Any, as long as an area is not currently occupied by another client then it is available.  For example DE55, DE4, NG16, NG17, NG18, NG19 are occupied by Green Pro Clean Ltd so we can not generate leads in those postcodes, however neighbouring postcodes such as NG15 and NG20 are still quite available.


Q: How large an area can you generate leads for?


A: This is limited only by the area you service, as mentioned above as long as an area is not currently occupied then it is available.  This could be the single postcode of BR5 in Kent or currently the entire county of Devon.


Q: What quality are the leads?


A: This is a question that only you can decide the answer to.  For example a lead could be for a 2 bed terraced home or it could be for a 50 bed country hotel, we just don’t know.  Both are paying customers so both could be considered quality leads.   Green Pro Clean however does not clean terraced properties so whilst these are part of the leads that make up their monthly order they simply choose not to quote them.  It is entirely at the discretion of each individual window cleaner.


Q: So do we pay for leads we choose not to quote?


A: Yes, as stated above we do not know what tye of property the lead is, you are supplied a contact name, address and contact phone number, then it is up to you to assess the property and quote the job.  If you choose not to quote it that is on you, we simply provide the leads. You will always encounter a little rough with the smooth but as above with a closing rate of 70-80% the margins are in your favour.


Q: What price do I quote for each lead?


A: Entirely down to you.  Only you know your business, your areas achievable rates and what a particular property is likely to pay in that area.  We give the customer no indication of price they are simply told you will be in touch to provide a quotation.


Q: How much do leads cost?


A: There are two levels.  For new customers we provide a batch of 20 leads at a price of £200, this is a ‘taster sample’ so to speak.  Once you have seen the quality and quantity of leads generated we provide a contract agreement.  We provide leads to you with no upfront cost. The price is a little higher at £12.50 per lead and all leads are paid weekly in arrears.   So for example all leads generated between Monday the 1s and Friday the 5th are paid for the following Friday the 12th.  The allows you time to quote the work, book in the jobs and even clean them if your schedule allows prior to paying for them.


Q: How much value will the leads generate?


A: No idea, that is entirely down to you again and how much you quote and close each individual job for.  So far all lead generation clients have reported a greater return on investment ever month without fail.


Q: How many leads will we get and what term is the contract?


A: There is no hard figure as geographical location plays a large part but on average 60 – 80 leads per month.  The contract is a rolling contract and we simply ask for 1 weeks notice should you wish to terminate the agreement.  During that notice period we will continue to provide leads up to a maximum of 20 leads.


Q: If we cancel a contract can we restart it again at a later date?


A: Yes, however only if the area is still available, we do not ‘hold areas’ for anyone and the only time it is protected is when it is occupied buy a paying client.


Q: Do you only provide leads for window cleaning?

A: At present yes, however we do make clients aware of any add on services you provide such as gutter clearing, power washing, conservatory cleaning etc so leads do also come in for these.



Q: Great, how do we get leads?


A: Simple:  Register your interest by emailing us at reyuleadgen@gmail.com and we will send you back an application form to complete with details of your business and areas to be covered and then we’ll get you started.