Below you will find our standard price list for most window cleaning jobs that we do in Nottingham.

Property type Monthly Bi – Monthly With Conservatory With Porch / Extension
2 bed Semi Detached £12.50 £15.00 Add £3.00 Add £2.50
3 Bed Semi Detached £14.00 £16.50 Add £4.00 Add £3.00
4 Bed Semi Detached £15.00 £17.50 Add £4.00 Add £3.00
4 Bed Detached £16.00 £18.50 Add £5.00 Add £4.00
5 Bed Detached £18.00 £20.50 Add £5.00 Add £4.00
Town House £20.00 £25.00 Add £5.00 Ad £4.00

The above prices are a guide and based on standard property sizes. Bespoke homes and homes with large areas of glass or oversize extensions / conservatories will need a physical visit to provide an accurate quotation.

For internal window cleaning please times the price above by 2.5. Example: 3 bed semi External = £14 x 2.5 for internal = £35.00 (this is for both internal and external) All internal cleaning requires booking at least 7 days in advance

Where heavy soiling has occurred due to neglect there may be a first clean surcharge as more time is required to return the window and frames to their best condition, you will be notified of this prior to the commencement of any clean.

For commercial properties a site visit will be required to provide an accurate quotation. You can email at to get a quotation.