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Domestic window cleaners Nottingham

We are an experienced, well established window cleaner operating in Nottingham and surrounding areas. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality, competitively priced commercial and domestic window cleaning and guaeantee a reliable service all year round.


Exterior and interior window cleaners Nottingham

Green Pro Clean Ltd provide both an exterior and interior window cleaning service to the Nottingham area. We clean all windows inside and out including doors and frames.


Traditional window cleaning Nottingham

We use two methods of cleaning depending on the job and your requirements. We can clean windows using the traditional method which involves using soap on your windows and squeegeeing off with a rubber blade.


Water fed pole window cleaning

We can also clean windows using the water fed pole method which involves using purified water to clean your windows with our poles and brushes. Purified water goes through our professional filtration system to remove impurities and minerals. If you were to spray normal tap water on your windows it would leave dirty spots due to those impurities. With pure water, you are left with perfectly clean windows and with our additive leaves them with an extra shine!


Some of the benefits of using our water fed pole are:

  • Being able to clean windows at height without using ladders, respecting your privacy and property.
  • Reaching those awkward to reach windows like those above conservatories or garages.
  • The ability to effectively clean all your UPVC like sills and frames.
  • No chemicals or soaps used.


If you would like to learn more about the purified water we use please click this link.


Neglecting your windows for too long will allow environmental pollutants and chemicals to build up on the glass. This consequently, leads to damage of seals, stains, possible leaking and big repair bills as a result. Having a regular window clean makes a huge difference to your property and will prolong the life of your seals and frames, therefore, reducing the risk of huge repair bills or leaks.


Commercial Window Cleaners Nottingham

In addition to our domestic rounds, we also provide a window cleaning service to commercial clients. We are fully insured and can provide both method and risk statements on request. Furthermore, we understand the importance of your business’s reputation and appearance hence why we always wear a uniform, are reliable and professional. We are more than happy to discuss your needs, so please get in touch.


We guarantee a quality job every time with competitive rates. Our window cleaning service is also available in Alfreton and MatlockMansfield, Sutton-in-AshfieldKirby in Ashfield and Shirebrook.


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