Window Cleaning in Alfreton and Matlock

Experienced, reliable window cleaners covering Alfreton, Matlock and surrounding areas of Derbyshire

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Are you looking for a reliable window cleaner in Alfreton or Matlock?

We are experienced, well established window cleaners and the areas in which our window cleaning service is available now includes Alfreton, Matlock and surrounding areas of Derbyshire.

Green Pro Clean Ltd is a professional window cleaning company who can be relied upon to provide a regular service throughout the year. We undertake both domestic and commercial window cleaning and guarantee an unrivalled service in terms of both quality and value for money.


How do we clean windows in Alfreton & Matlock?

We use both traditional window cleaning methods by hand for inside windows and state-of-the-art water fed poles and pure water cleaning technology for exteriors.



What Is Purified Water? Normal tap water is full of minerals and other naturally occuring contaminants such as limescale and chalk that it aquires as it passes through the soil on its way to our resevoirs. Although it is perfectly save to drink it is known as hard water because of these minerals and the effect they have. This is what causes limescale in kettles and washing machines and when used for cleaning windows it can leave white marks, known as ‘spotting’.

Pure water goes through intensive filtration which removes all contaminants leaving it completely pure. Purified water has many commercial uses due to its purity, one of which is window cleaning as it dries to a crystal clear, sparkling finish.

We also clean all frames, window sills and ledges as standard.


Interior window cleaning in Alfreton & Matlock

Unlike many modern window cleaners, Green Pro Clean Ltd are skilled in traditional window cleaning methods meaning we can clean windows inside and out for domestic and commercial customers. Whether it’s cleaning interior windows of your home, shop, office or other business venue you can rely on us to provide a truly, professional and effective window cleaning service in Alfreton, Matlock and other areas of Derbyshire.


Commercial window cleaners in Alfreton & Matlock

As you would expect from a professional commercial window cleaner we have full public liability insurance cover, uniformed personnel and smart, sign written vans.

We conduct a Risk Assessment for all jobs and can provide a Method Statement if required.

We understand the importance of keeping the workplace safe and hazard-free for your staff, visitors and customers.

Green Pro Clean Ltd set the standard for commercial window cleaning in Derbyshire.


Do Green Pro Clean Ltd Clean Windows in Other Areas?


Yes we do. Our service is available throughout the DE4 and DE55 areas of Derbyshire and we also clean windows in Nottingham , MansfieldKirby in AshfieldSutton-in-Ashfield and most areas of Nottinghamshire. Please call on 07581 128 101 for further information or to arrange a booking, or email using our Contact Us page.