The Green Pro Clean Ltd Franchise Package.

If you have come this far you are probably ready to move on, take the next step, stop working in a thankless environment for thankless bosses and become your own boss, shape your own future and your own lifestyle and be free of the grind of the typical way of working with confined hours for set pay and little or no gratitude. It’s time to work how you like in an environment and fashion you like and with no limits on your earning potential. Interested? Read on.

Top five reasons people want to be self employed is they are tired of:

  • Low pay and little to no benefits or bonuses
  • Improving and growing SOMEONE ELSE’S business
  • Thankless bosses
  • Poor work / life balance
  • Inflexible, poor, long working hours

Sound familiar? It did to me 12 years ago when I was working in dead end jobs on factory floors over 12 hour night shifts for less than £7 per hour on Zero Hours Contracts. That’s why I founded Green Pro Clean Ltd.
I already had the skill set to do the work and the drive (bills and rent to pay) to succeed the only thing I was lacking was……. Well, nothing, I literally had nothing to lose by quitting a dead end zero hours contract factory job as here in the Midlands I could get another tomorrow if needed. What did I have to gain? EVERYTHING!

  • Instantly better pay – doubling my income in week one alone
  • Growing and developing a business I own and run
  • Customers that are thankful for a quality, reliable service
  • Instantly improved work / life balance. No more awful night shifts, home by 4pm and weekends back to spend with my family.
  • No more 12 hour night shifts 6 days a week, now 8 hours a day Monday to Thursday.

The only reason I didn’t jump in earlier is everybody, friends, family, co-workers kept saying ‘Why would you risk it when you got a secure full time job?’ When they finally said this once too many times and I looked at my work environment and benefits closely my only though is ‘why wouldn’t I risk it?’ My only question to you is why wouldn’t you?

Let’s talk about Window Cleaning, why I chose it as a business to nurture and grow, why I decided that it was the way forward for me.

When I was sitting on a bench outside the shops waiting for the wife to finish shopping and watching the world go by when I saw a lad go along the street and clean a fair few of the shops windows in a brisk and efficient fashion. It was on my mind for the longest time on what to do to get out of the dead end grind life had become and as I looked around one very obvious fact hit me, every building in the country has windows!

For as far back as I can remember mum always had a window cleaner, he would come round once a fortnight back then and clean the windows, he did most of the small estate I lived on as I recall. He always seemed happy and everybody knew Phil the Window Cleaner.

As I mentioned above I already had the skill set as I had previously worked as a window cleaner a couple of years earlier.

And that was the day I decided on a better quality of life and a better, happier way of working.

Green Pro Clean Ltd started as one man (me) with a ladder bucket and some basic tools and grew from that to a multi vehicle operation with employees and then evolved from traditional window cleaning to Water Fed Pole Systems and finally to it’s current form with franchises covering Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and South Yorkshire and growing.

It is an industry that will be around for as long as people have windows, it is a business that can be scaled up and grown without limitation and most importantly it is a business where there is no cap on your earning potential. In my first week many years ago I went from less than £7 per hour to over £20 per hour and now when out cleaning windows average £30 per hour all day long, more importantly I’m not growing someone else’s business, I’m growing mine.

What can you earn? Working an eight hour day, four day week at a leisurely pace you can easily earn £800 per week. Some of our younger hungrier franchisees working 8am till 4pm Monday to Friday are taking £1600 per week, that’s £6’400 for a 4 week month (many months have 5 weeks) Nearly £77’000 a year for cleaning windows. Not too shabby at all.

Let’s get down to costs to you. We are one of the few franchises that are totally open about our franchisee fee and ongoing costs so here it is:

Your Franchise Licence Fee is £6495.00

For this we provide:

  • A complete step by step template tailored to your own specific requirements to grow a successful window cleaning business.
  • Full seven day training on how to clean domestic and commercial windows professionally, quickly and profitably.
  • Full training on using and maintaining water fed pole systems and water production.
  • Full training on using professional round management software to manage your business.
  • Full training on how to acquire customers, manage customers and grow you customer base.
  • Complete web site and full social media presence covering the area you service.
  • Full set of uniform, business cards, brochures and vehicle signage.
    Most importantly your first £1’000 worth of monthly customers.

Monthly Service Fee is £395.00

This covers:

  • Full website management.
  • Full social media management.
  • On-going customer lead generation .
  • 24 hour 7 days a week telephone receptionist to answer your calls,
  • answer customer enquiries and forward you messages.
  • 24 hour telephone support and technical support to enable you to grow your business and expand at a pace that suits you,

I hope this has given you a good insight into what we offer and what what you can realistically hope to achieve, to find out more do not delay, Email at and start your journey to financial independence and working life freedom.

Darren Green
Green Pro Clean Ltd
Managing Director