Thank you for taking the first step in enquiring about a Green Pro Clean Window Cleaning Franchise.  This is the first step in a process that allows you to build a future that is custom tailored to meet your working lifestyle and your financial requirements in an extremely quick time line.

What’s in it for you?
Well the simple answer is the flexibility, freedom and rewards of being your own boss. Working as little as 24 hours per week will produce a taking of around £1080 which after your vehicle running costs and franchise fees should see you taking home around £700 (pre-tax) per week for just 24 hours a week!

Franchisees working just one van with one operator for a full 40-hour week can easily achieve figures of £1800 per week taking home around £1300 (pre-tax) per week (£5200 per calendar month) after costs.  Should you decide to grow past one van well, the skies the limit.

What’s the cost?
The franchise licence fee is currently £9950.00, this buys you the ‘licence’ to trade under the Green Pro Clean brand.

We also include in your fee:

  • All the technical training you’ll need to actually carry out the day to day running of the business from how to clean windows both traditionally and with modern techniques
  • All the administrative training on how to run a business on our model including all management of clients and rounds using state of the art software to track your customers, expenses, income etc.
  • All the training you need on how to quote, develop and acquire new customers
  • State of the art Water Fed Pole system with market leading powered reels, 30 ft pole, various brush heads and all traditional equipment including applicators, squeegees, scrim cloths etc needed to carry out your work.
  • Green Pro Clean Uniform, 2 polo shirts, 1 hoody, 1 soft shell jacket, 2 pairs of trousers in our company colours and liveries.
  • All vehicle signage
  • All the ‘pure water’ you need for your business operations
  • Exclusivity to operate in a pre-agreed area until you reach your ‘saturation’ point
  • Fully hosted and managed web site and social media pages
  • Full on-site support where needed
  • Full phone support 7 days a week.
  • And perhaps most importantly your first £1500 per month of regular customers

You will need to provide your own van.  It does not have to be a new van but it must be either black or white, in good cosmetic order, road legal and insured at all times.

Green Pro Clean is a well-established company in Nottingham, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire and (continuing to grow across the UK) that has grown from year to year and continues to out grow other companies in the field due to its simple policy of promising the customer just three things:

The three simple promises we always keep are that we will be:

  • Regular
  • Reliable
  • Professional

It’s because of these promises that our most reliable form of growth comes through recommendations from our customers to their friends, family and neighbours.

Whilst other Window Cleaning companies in the area still average only £8 – £10 per job Green Pro Cleans per job average is £14.87 making the best possible return on our time and effort invested and the maximum amount of profits for its operators.

How do we achieve an average over 50% above other companies in the same industry?  Simple, we maintain the three promises above, regularity, reliability and professionalism.  In todays society people are not hunting bargain services anymore and are willing to pay for a top-quality service.

The next step forward is a non-refundable deposit of £2’500 to secure your franchise, at this stage we pre-order all your equipment.  Once you have acquired your van and are ready to start the balance of £7450 is due and we commence your training literally ‘on the job’ working on customers you will maintain for years to come.

If you are serious about your future and ready to take the next step in becoming a franchisee of one of the quickest growing and most recognizable names in window cleaning then do not delay and call us today on 07581128101 to discuss starting your very own Green Pro Clean Window Cleaning Franchise.